There is so much I love about this project. This was the fourth website that I put together for this lovely nonprofit in Minnesota over the last decade. Each time we go through the website design process, there’s always a sense of great satisfaction around having created the best product that we could in the moment.

I also love this project because it was easy. I have no shame in admitting this was built on the base WordPress theme (2017?) but it worked perfectly for what we were looking to accomplish. Over the years, I’ve learned to design, execute and maintain websites that work within organizational limited budgets and staffing. I believe that is one of the greatest successes of this project as well.

We had launched the previous version of this website in 2014, and over the years it had started to get a little cluttered. I encouraged Gunnar, Executive Director, to cut about half the copy from the website and bump up the font size several pixels, giving it immediately a much more current feel.

We also advanced the brand by bringing in some illustrations of kids working in the garden. YouthFarm had a rebranding rally in 2014 that produced many amazing graphics and icons. I took the opportunity to kick the brand down the road a few yards by using the existing icon set to grow out illustrations of youth working in the farms. It is a simple brand reinvention that will allow for them to extend the life of their brand without having to invest significant time into new visual assets.

Lastly, I flexed my development muscles a touch by incorporating Bootstrap Modals and Advanced Custom Fields to give them pop beyond basic theming on their staff page. Each staff member’s information is entered into a form set up with ACF’s repeater capability, with a draggable interface to allow for reordering.


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