As part of my tuition for the School of Movement Medicine's Summer Long Dance, I am raising at least 300 GBP for charity. I'm raising my funds for the Pachamama Alliance, which works to preserve and educate about the Amazon, and is also the designated beneficiary charity of the full event. I am offering prints of a couple of pieces of my artwork in thanks for donations, and will also send a postcard from the UK for any donation $10 and up.
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I am offering 11×14 digital prints of 2 of my favorite pieces of artwork that I created over this last year.


Limited edition digital prints are $35 each (plus an identifier penny or two so I know your choice of print) or $60 for both. I promise to never, ever print these again! One is a quotation from “Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind,” a meaningful book to me from the past summers, and the other is a favorite William Carlos Williams poem.

For every donation $10 and up, I will send you a postcard from the UK!

All proceeds after printing and shipping of posters will go directly to the Pachamama Association to support their work. I will post project updates after the project to let you know how much we were able to raise. My requirement to raise is 300 GBP, though I hope we can exceed that.

I decided to raise money on my website to save the fees that go along with a crowdsourcing platform. I live and breathe this web stuff for my profession, so I guarantee it is secure, and I will be financially transparent on the net, costs and final donation amount. The donation will be made directly to the Pachamama Alliance, which is a 501(C)(3) charitable organization.

Why this retreat?

A couple of months ago, I took a fantastic workshop with Ya’acov Darling Khan through the Philly Tribe. Ever since I started practicing movement meditation, I have been feeling genuinely happy, and less a victim of my own fears and anxiety. My brother is living in Scotland and wanted me to come visit, so I feel the path opened for me to join Ya’acov and the School of Movement Medicine in their 72 hour long Summer Long Dance in the UK this summer. I feel blessed and terrified by this journey, and I thank you for your support in it.

Why the Pachamama Association?

This is the beneficiary organization for this summer’s retreat. I am glad to use my studies to help support their important work.

These words come from David Tucker, the leader of the Pachamama Journeys project, who has been working for the Pachamama Alliance for more than 15 years. He says:

“10 million acres of the last and most pristine, culturally and biologically diverse rainforest in the southern hemisphere and the world is under threat right now, as the Ecuadorian government is aggressively promoting the concessions (selling the oil rights to oil companies) of these ancestral lands without the proper consultation or consent of the indigenous people who have lived there for millennia.

“Bids from multi-national oil companies are still being sought, and the Ecuadorian government is still looking to review and negotiate contracts to take the oil out of the ground. Then the same process that began 40 years ago in Ecuador, which led to the largest environmental disaster in the world and has led to an increase in poverty nationally, as well as genocide, will start all over. But a line has been drawn in the ground by the united indigenous people of Ecuador’s Southern Amazon. They will give everything they have, including their lives, to ensure that the line is not crossed, and that their rights and the rights of their Madre Selva (Mother Forest) are respected. They do this not only for their own people and the rainforest, but for all of us, for all of life. Here is where a new story begins. Will we continue to stand with them, as they stand for us? The Pachamama Alliance is dedicated to supporting their efforts on every level possible.”

Thank you for your part in helping me reach my fundraising goal!