Design is a dialogue.

And communication is key. When I was starting out, particularly with logos, I also could tell when a design process was going to fail if whoever I was working with wasn’t talking about things. Over the years, I’ve cultivated a process of listening, information gathering and distilling that has led to many successful projects and products.

The more I learn about what you don’t like, the more I can help you figure out what you do like.

I am the ball roller. The first round of designs is always there for us to pick apart. I like blunt and honest feedback. If we don’t get to that point during the first round, then it’s back to the drawing pad and on to take two or take three. I promise you, if you stick through it, we will bust through to a place that we all feel great about.

Don’t be afraid of iteration. The digital world evolves quickly.

The most successful brands and websites I’ve put together build on the design work over time. Brands need to mature in the wild to become their most authentic expression. I always like to write the rules, build the website, work on the collateral, and then revisit the rules and the website if possible. How can they be made stronger by the information and visuals produced in the other collateral?

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